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Our Patrons 

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is committed to creating a learning environment where students can grow as professionals and individuals. Alongside its educational offer, BSBI relies on the support and experience of prestigious Patrons who share the vision and mission of the school.

Prince Paul of Romania, Patron of BSBI
His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Romania, Patron of BSBI

A true philanthropist, His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Romania has been supporting numerous artists and projects through "The Prince Paul Foundation For Romania" since 1991. Having been a successful businessman for 30 years, Prince Paul also has established a reputation as a dynamic leader in both the public and private sector.

As Patron, he will provide encouragement and support to help Berlin School of Business and Innovation deliver its vision of higher education inspired by Leadership, Enterprise and Success.

Princess Lia of Romania, Patron of BSBI
Her Royal Highness Princess Lia of Romania, Patron of BSBI

Her Royal Highness Princess Lia of Romania , born Triff, married Prince Paul in 1995. Her personal commitment and interests have seen her taking part in various associations and institutions devoted to education and civil rights. From the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Foundation to the International Red Cross London Branch, Princess Lia actively supports charitable causes and projects around the world.

Princess Lia’s dedication to creating opportunities for the younger generations will reflect in her role of Patron of Berlin School of Business and Innovation.

Princess Madeleine, honorary patron of BSBI
Her Serene Highness Princess Madeleine of Bentheim and Steinfurt, Honorary patron of BSBI

Her Serene Highness Princess Madeleine of Bentheim and Steinfurt was born in Skien, Norway. As a result of her travels and education, Princess Madeleine has developed keen attention for future generations. Her motivation is one of real wonder and fascination for both young people and the true beauty of our world. Her passion is not only to describe in detail our world’s beauty but also to teach young people valuable life lessons so that they learn to treasure the beautiful planet on which we live.

As Honorary Patron of the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Princess Madeleine will provide inspiration for staff and students to realise their potential and achieve success in their lives and careers.

Our Fellows

Princess Theophana of Saxony
HRH Princess Theophana of Saxony, Ph. D, Honorary Fellow of BSBI

BSBI Lectures

The BSBI Lectures series is a recurring event with world-renowned personalities and guest speakers. The lectures aim to draw attention to the importance of economics and innovation in today’s changing world, creating a bridge between education, community and society.

With every lecture, our guests will take the audience on a journey, sharing the expertise gathered through their life and career.

The BSBI Lectures series will draw attention to many of today’s most relevant topics and issues, creating parallels between different viewpoints and ideas. The lectures will take place in the school’s Auditorium and will be open to all students and staff.

Ambassador of Mexico, H.E Mr Rogelio Granguillhome Morfin

Mexico and the future of the Americas

According to the PwC 2050 Report, Mexico will be one of the fastest growing economies in the next decades, likely to overtake G7 countries such as the UK, France and Germany.

The lecture will aim to explore the new trends within business and innovation from this part of the world, indicated as one of the emerging global markets destined to shape the future economic landscape producing a shift in leadership from G7 to E7 countries.

Ambassador of Afghanistan, H.E Mr Abdul Jabar Ariyaee

Afghanistan, Economy and Innovation

During the lecture, His Excellency will look at the economic landscape in Afghanistan, as the country has been rebuilding itself over previous years. He will also focus on the ongoing and flourishing bilateral relations between Afghanistan, Germany and the EU