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What is the Purpose of Visual Merchandising

What is the Purpose of Visual Merchandising? 

Visual merchandising is an essential business technique which is prevalent in all industries today and it’s especially critical to the fashion business. Discover the importance of this marketing technique

21 Nov 2018

Digital Transformation

The Power of Networking

Digital transformation is taking place all around us and is a vital process for companies to survive. Today, we access everything on our phones and laptops instantly, thus, companies need to be flexible to keep up with demand and latest technology.

02 Nov 2018

How to Get a Job in Corporate Finance

How to Get a Job in Corporate Finance

Corporate finance principles largely influence the decision-making process of an organisation. While the basic role of corporate finance is to optimise shareholders’ short-term and long-term value, there are more layers to it. Let’s dig in more, to get a clear idea. Check this article and learn how to start your career in corporate finance.

24 Sep 2018