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Information on Coronavirus for Students

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is closely monitoring the current COVID-19 pandemic and is taking measures to ensure the health of our staff and students. You can use this page to find answers to question you might have about how the situation is affecting BSBI’s activities.

Social distancing

Every person is required to keep physical social contact with other people to an absolute minimum and everyone must maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres with other people in public. Berlin’s governing mayor, Michael Müller, emphasised that social distancing is paramount in the fight against the pandemic.


It is now mandatory for citizens of all ages, including children where possible, to cover both their nose and mouth when shopping and using public transportation. Please note, this does not refer to masks used by medical professionals in hospitals (FFP3, N95 or FFP2 masks). Instead, it means a simple face mask, a scarf or cloth that covers both the nose and mouth.

For information about how to correctly put on, use and dispose of facemasks, please refer to the World Health Organisation’s advice:

Shops, malls and department stores can re-open

Shops, department stores and even malls may reopen sales areas of up to 800m². However, they must ensure that distance and hygiene rules are observed. There is a maximum visitor limit of one visitor per 20m² in shopping centres (malls). The Senate stresses that just because shops are open again, citizens should not be shopping extensively or for unnecessary purchases.

Large events are banned until 24 October 2020

Until 31 August 2020, large events with more than 1,000 participants are prohibited. Until 24 October 2020, events with more than 5,000 participants are banned.

Zoos, museums and libraries can re-open

Zoos, museums, memorials and libraries can re-open from 4 May 2020.  The condition of this is that all these institutions must enforce hygiene requirements and social distancing between visitors.

Outdoor sports facilities to open but gyms remain closed

Individual sports like jogging are allowed and, as of Monday 27 April 2020, private outdoor sports facilities can re-open again. Team and group sports will remain banned and gyms will also have to stay closed until further notice.

Please note that the notice of schools being allowed to gradually re-open from 4 May 2020 applies only to primary and secondary schools at this stage. It does not apply to universities. Thus far, we have no further information from the Berlin Senate about when universities can re-open. Therefore, the BSBI campus remains closed until further notice with BSBI staff continuing to support students online. 

Exceptions have been made for some BA exams; a separate invite has been sent to those affected students. Not all exams are currently able to run but students will receive an upfront notice at least three weeks in advance (min.) should they be requested to attend any exams on campus. 

In exceptional cases, BSBI can offer emergency appointments for Finance and for SERS visa support (Feb 2020 students only) on the campus. If you have an emergency appointment, you must arrive punctually to the campus and wear a face mask. Please do not go to the campus if you do not have a pre-booked emergency appointment.

If you have any questions about any of these measures, please contact

Currently, none of our staff or students have tested positive for coronavirus. We have taken measures to ensure that the risk to our staff and students is as low as possible by closing campus and moving classes online.

On 12th March 2020, BSBI closed the campus, ahead of the government announcement. We have since moved all our programmes online within 24 hours so that our students can continue learning whilst minimising the risk of the virus spreading.

A per governmental measures, the campus should open again on 20th April 2020.

The campus is currently closed. All our staff are working remotely, however, there is the possibility for some arranged meeting with staff face-to-face only in emergency cases.

Students are currently being offered the option to defer their intake. This is a straightforward process and will have no impact on your studies.

We have also created a late arrival date up until 3rd July 2020 for students that are aiming to start in May 2020.

BSBI recognises that many countries are now in lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. This might mean you will not be able to obtain your visa or to fly to Germany. As such, we have created a late arrival date (3 July) for our May 2020 intake. This means you will still be able to join the May 2020 intake even if you arrive in Germany later.

Alternatively, if you are unable to obtain a visa due to the crisis, you will be able to defer for a later intake, i.e. October 2020 or Feb 2021.

BSBI is still encouraging prospective students to apply to courses as numbers of seats are limited for the upcoming intakes. We have several measures in place including intake deferrals and the possibility to start the intake online with our live webinars and academic content. Once the borders are open again we will deliver face to face classes as usual.

BSBI is constantly updating its website to ensure our students and prospective students are aware of the actions we are taking. You can visit our Newsroom to keep up to date:

BSBI trains its consultants and commercial partners and as such we always recommend to communicate with them first. In case further information is needed please contact