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We realise that choosing to study overseas will be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Our friendly Student Recruitment Team is on hand to assist you with settling in at BSBI.

Life in Germany

Germany is a cosmopolitan nation, well-known for its roaring economy. For these reasons, Germany is the ideal place for higher education studies and for you to find employment alongside your studies.

With a high standard of living, you can expect to be comfortable and safe during your stay.

There are also excellent transport links, allowing you to explore all of Germany’s major tourist destinations, in a short space of time.

Study in Berlin

Berlin is the EU’s second largest city. Though historically famous for its culture and politics, the nation is fast establishing itself as a global business hub, attracting businesses from around the world.

Its capital, Berlin, is known for its flourishing start-up scene.


Geographically, Berlin is located in the North East of the country, situated between two rivers: the Spree and the Havel.

Berlin’s public transport efficiently connects it to other German cities and neighbouring nations, and the city has two international airports.

BSBI’s campus is located in the centre of Berlin. There are plenty of local attractions and places to eat.

Campus address: Potsdamer Straße 180-182 10783 Berlin Germany

Cost of Living

We have provided information regarding a student’s cost of living as a Berlin student. Living expenses in the capital tend to be lower than other parts of the country.

Please note, the table below is an average estimate only – your personal experience may differ from this.

Expenses  Estimated amount per month
Rent  €320- €500
Food  €200 - €300
Books €20 - €40
Transport  €45 - €75
Expenses  Estimated amount per month
Phone, internet €40- €60
Health* €45- €55
Other €80- €120
Total cost of living €750 - €1150

*(health insurance, medication, consultations)

Things to Do

As Germany’s capital, Berlin is home to a variety of attractions:

This is one of German’s most recognised landmarks, and is believed to represent European peace and unity. 

 The Brandenburg Gate

The Reichstag was built in 1894 to host the German government. The building is still used today by German politicians.


Parts of the Berlin wall still stand today, as a reminder of how once the nation stood divided, and is now united.

It’s possible to take a tour along where the wall once stood. Memorial and documentation centres are also open to visitors.

Berlin Wall

This is one of Europe’s busiest traffic intersections and an important public square in Berlin.

There are many events hosted here, including light shows and exhibitions.

Potsdamer Platz

This is Berlin’s most popular park and includes a city garden and a zoo. It’s the ultimate place for relaxation after a day of studying!


Due to Berlin’s diversity, the city hosts an annual multicultural festival over the Whitesun weekend.

Carnival of Cultures

The marathon is 42km and takes place in September. 30,000 people, including professional athletes participate for charity.

Berlin Marathon

Every autumn, artists and art dealers from around the world gather here to visit this international fair which displays the best of contemporary art.

Art Forum Berlin

Germany is well-known for its Christmas markets which are held across many cities. Berlin’s market is one of the most well-liked ones.

Christmas markets

This annual festival brings the best of the international film industry to Berlin, showing the latest and greatest of the world's movie talent.

This is another yearly event where the best of the international film industry arrives in Berlin to unveil the latest movies screenings.

Berlin International Film Festival


You can start your accommodation process at BSBI once you receive your visa and book your flight ticket. We will then allocate a place for you. The process is as follows:

As soon as you receive you visa and have booked a flight to Germany, you can begin your accommodation process.

BSBI The process

The Process

Click here to complete the Accommodation & Airport Pick-Up Application form. Once you have done this, your accommodation offer will arrive in a minimum of two weeks.

Your offer will include a description of your allocated accommodation, information on the local area and your costs – rent, deposit, fee etc. If you refuse this accommodation, we can only offer you one more.