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BSBI would like to encourage students – both undergraduates and postgraduates – to come to Berlin regardless of their financial circumstances. The scholarships we offer are awarded on merit and/or on financial need.

Scholarships can be given for a number of reasons and are designed to support you through your studies by helping with general living costs. They are non-repayable and can be spent on anything from rent and household bills to books and specialist equipment. You are only eligible for one bursary or scholarship type in any single year.

Leadership and Enterprise scholarship endorse by His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Romania, Patron of BSBI.

This Scholarship is awarded based on the following criteria:

Academic merit

You must demonstrate that you will be able to succeed with and benefit from the course, explaining what you expect to gain from it.

Personal statement

You will need to write a short personal statement (250 words) on what taking the course will mean for your future.

Financial need

You must demonstrate that you would not be able to take the course without receiving the scholarship.

To apply, please complete and send the scholarship application form to or your programme consultant, with attached copies of the following documents:

  • Your programme offer letter
  • An academic reference letter
  • Academic transcript/worksheet
  • IELTS or PTE result (where applicable)
A Scholarship Application form of BSBI

Scholarship Application Form

We are now considering scholarship applications for our upcoming intakes.

To apply for a scholarship, simply download and complete the form below. Once completed, send this back to us and your application will be reviewed by the School Admissions Team.

You will be notified of the outcome shortly after the closing date.

Please ensure the form is completed to the best of your knowledge.