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Our Career Services are dedicated to helping students stand out to recruiters and achieve their career goals. From CV workshops and networking events to personalised career advice, the team are on hand to provide students with the specialised services needed to fulfil their career aspirations.

Career Guidance

We know how hard it can be deciding your future. That’s why we offer personalised support  to help you get to where you want to be.

Work Placements

As a BSBI student, you will be offered work placements for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of two months*.

*BSBI can provide its students with great working opportunities provided students demonstrate a proactive and professional attitude, and a good level of spoken German. BSBI students who do not have a compulsory work placement as part of their course of study will be offered paid part-time jobs.

CV and Interview Skills Workshop

In order to give our students the best chance of success, our expert advisors offer workshops dedicated to perfecting your CV and interview skills.

A girl student of BSBI standing and telling about alumni network

Alumni network

In addition to the services above, students also benefit from becoming part of our alumni network. You will be joining a group of graduates and professionals from all over the world, available to offer you support and guidance when you need it.

You’ll automatically become a member of this global network once you graduate, giving you instant professional contacts and access to a wealth of useful information.

Careers Services

Our dedicated careers centre helps students and alumni achieve their career goals. We have a number of specialised career services and aim to build long-lasting relationships with alumni and employers.

The Careers Centre helps students realise their career plans and their potential. We will improve your personal and professional development.

We also build strategic partnerships with local firms and associations to organise networking events for students to meet employers.

Employability Services

By combining theory with practice, BSBI bridges the gap between education and the shifting requirements of today’s global marketplace. The services we provide students significantly increase their chances of finding employment in the German labour market, upon graduation.

Our services include:

Career Training

Training helps students acquire the range of skills and competencies employers are looking for.

We strive to help students develop personally and professionally by offering assistance in the following areas:

  • German business culture
  • Job application and job search
  • Self-marketing
  • Networking skills
  • Negotiation
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Decision-making
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership
  • Mock Interviews

When a student is invited to an interview, either in-person or by phone, they receive a mock interview to improve their technique. Mock interviews are an extremely reliable and effective way to prepare for the real thing.

Industry Connections & Networking

Company Presentations

Company representatives from leading German and international firms are regularly invited to BSBI to teach students about their work. The visits give students the chance to gain first-hand industry knowledge, learn about organisational value and find out about any open recruitment positions.

Networking Events

BSBI organises networking events to link students with businesses. Our networking opportunities are unique as we give students the chance to work on industry-related topics and develop ideas with company representatives.


When you begin the job application process, the careers centre is on-hand to help you tailor your application for the position you aspire to reach.

In addition, coaching sessions are available for any career-related concerns you wish to discuss.

We also assist our students in their search for an appropriate internship or work placement. Internships and placements are extremely beneficial for students, as they allow you to experience German work and business culture and gain useful skills for your future career.

You will also make important professional contacts and apply your knowledge and German language skills in the workplace.

Coaching Pool

BSBI supports life-long learning and developing our students into tomorrow’s success stories.

Our coaching pool enables you to work with experts from a range of sectors and enhance your professional skills.

We strongly encourage coaching partners in order to improve personal and professional development. The coach we provide you will be from an industry you wish to join after you graduate, and this is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your career inspirations.

Coaching sessions take place each month.

All our coaches are specialists in their fields, with much professional experience. Our coaches will:

  • Share their skills and knowledge with you
  • Help you realise your skills
  • Provide guidance and feedback
  • Help you improve gaps in your knowledge/skills
  • Support you in setting goals

Full-time international MBA and Master in Management students can receive a coach. The following requirements must be met by you:

  • You must be interested in developing your career in Germany upon graduation
  • You must be willing to improve your skills and learn competencies Germany employers require
  • You should be open to new challenges

Everything your coach teaches you, will be tailored to you. The following are all the areas a coach can guide you on:

  • Career coaching
  • Organisation and culture within German firms
  • Career pathways in Germany
  • Preparing for specific positions in certain industries
  • Job application documents
  • Job interviews and assessment centres
  • Personal coaching
  • Identifying current skills and skills to be developed
  • German business etiquette
  • German business culture
  • Decision making
  • Self-marketing